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-chill factor down to 33 degrees in napa. get set for a cool start but by the afternoon temperatures warming up somewhat. we will see some clouds around and we will call it partly cloudy with lies in the 50s by the coast by noontime. and mid-60s inland. warmest temperatures coming down another five to seven degrees. it will be cooler for everyone and the wind still kicking up over the hills with a wind advisory in the mountains. any prospects of rain coming up. >>> thank you, lisa. justify one day after a fatal shooting at lax, a scare for passengers at sfo. police board a plane and escort a man off a jet blue flight. nick smith has this story that you will only see on abc7 news. >> if a plane is going to go down, this plane is going to be destroyed. >> that's what one passenger told us he heard a man overhear him scream during a jet blue flight 1136. >> he said is so cloud and buoyant, that he caught my attention. >> he spoke with the passenger, alex alexander, who caught part of the scary and confusing moments on my smartphone. >> my hands was shaky, my heart was racing. >> the flight was in
and everyone else is in the low 60's until napa, fairfield, antioch and livermore and morgan hill, mid-60's. tonight, we have cold temperatures to the north, 36 in santa rosa and below freezing in your higher elevations. frost advisory is out for the higher elevation of the north bay from the national weather service. it will be cooler tomorrow morning. look what happens tomorrow afternoon, two degree jump and possibly four degrees with high clouds. thursday, halloween, looking great, with a dry ending to a very dry month. our warmest day for november, this week, you can see the temperatures are falling back but still ought to be comfortable saturday, sunday, into monday. >> back new to san bruno trying to figure how a boulder got in the road at the access road. maybe caltran dropped it. a car hit it in the fast rain but there is no slowing so far. we have slowing from the central valley with the red from 205 and over the altamont pass with road work eastbound north livermore. here is the drive 580 westbound into dublin over 30 minutes with highway 4, westbound, and 101 from san rafael is l
in livermore, antioch, fairfield, concord, napa, behind it at 67, fremont and santa rosa at 66 and a lot of 65's. oakland and san mateo at 64 and half moon bay is a cool spot at 61. tonight, cooler than this morning with a lot of mid-to-upper 30's inland. upstairs, the low is pulling away counter-clockwise wrapped in the cold air. it is pulling away. high pressure is moving in. that will purpose the cool air to the east and we will get offshore flow tomorrow which is halloween. that will be a treat. we drop to 62 degrees at 6:00 and cool to the end of the trick-or-treating under the star filled sky with calm conditions at 55 degrees. halloween will be two to four degrees warmer and same open friday, losing it on saturday. sunday, temperatures are below average and sun will set at 5:10. monday and tuesday, cooler than that. check the batteries when you set the clocks back on saturday evening. >> i will get ready for the audition i want to let you know we have a very special day today. c.h.p. is graduating their latest class of cadets. i have the fortune of going into sacramento and interviewing
degrees cooler this morning than 24 hours ago. a near frosty 33 in santa rosa and 34 in napa with the warm spot in antioch at 54. oakland is 47. we are mid-40's around mountain view and san jose at 43. fremont is 40 along with los gatos. upper 30's to san ramon and 39 in half moon bay. as we watch the dancing lights of the bay bridge, chilly, 35 to 49 and proud at noon and 60 to 66, we will see a spread during the afternoon hours and 60 at the coast to 68 inland with a few high clouds and by 7:00 grab the coat and we the be in the mid-60's. warmer today than yesterday. same for tomorrow and wednesday. we will pull the temperatures back on thursday. the cool be trend could lead to a chance of showers in the seven-day forecast. leyla gulen? we have a report of an accident involving a motorcycle to northbound 101 with an ambulance on the way right now and c.h.p. is headed out there. there are no delays on 101 itself continuing in northbound direction to the san jose airport you are still in the clear. back into alum rock from walnut creek we are seeing a buildup of traffic at 19 miles per hou
. our east bay hills camera. yes, eats cark out there with low 4s in napa, and fairfield, and 46 concord. livermore coming in at 47. finally from emeryville this morning, our forecast highlights a cooler afternoon, a cooler weekend. gusty winds tonight. it will take us through the second half of the weekend with breezy conditions and then it looks like, if all things are favorable, we could see a little rain by next thursday. maybe into friday. but right now the models are flip-flopping and it doesn't look too promising. but that would be our next chance. so here's what's going on for the month of november, in case you for got. we forecast temperatures at the beginning of the month. kind. where we are today, upper 60s in san francisco. by the end of the month we should be in the low 60s. we average anywhere from about 2.2 inches of rain. october, one of the driest on record. we need rain and we've seen as much as 10 inches in the month. temperatures would be pretty rare to hit the 80s and pretty cool as we drop down. we will look for temperatures today to be comfortable. here's the wind
amy showed us. next to mount diabolo 62 miles per hour. napa was at 47 miles per hour. the gusts are 18 in mountain view and 20 miles per hour in novato hugging the coast and the peninsula. headed through the afternoon we will get winds but they are not going to be that fast. the clouds are increasing and we will have a chance of an isolated instability with temperatures in the upper 50's to mid-60. >> in the santa cruz mountains we have an accident northbound 17 at laurel blocking one lane of traffic and that will gum up the commute if you are traveling from santa cruz. this is the altamont pass where we have the high wind advisory with sluggish traffic from tracy. mike was talking about this, we had a three car accident in the middle lane right here. in san rafael, traffic is flowing nicely at the turn headed your way to the parkway and outside, at the 80 berkeley drive it is getting crowded and sluggish at the macarthur maze but no delays at at the bay bridge. >> there were problems in emeryville with crews clearing rubble after the facade was torn off a store front when parts
are at 43. 46 in san mateo. cooler weather up north mid-to-upper 30's in napa and santa rosa and 52 in san francisco. mid-to-upper 40's for oakland and san carlos and fremont. about 40 in san ramon. from the some are -- exploritorium, it is quiet. cool this morning and 60 to 64, with all the sun shine at noon. up to 72 at 4:00, cooling into the mid-50's to mid-60's by 7:00 dress appropriately for trick-or-treating. >> highway 116 there is a road shut down because of a car that went over the side and knocked down a pg&e pole. pg&e is there to make repairs. it will be shut down "notice further notice." they are diverting traffic at stage gulch. as you head into san francisco we have report of a car with a blown out tire westbound 80 at 9th blocking one lane. it is causing a bit of a backup with the central freeway looking busy headed and san francisco. in the east bay we have report of a brushfire in the 1500 block with details head. >> 5:40. a suspected drink driver leads police on a high-speed chase with a heart-stopping town it took. >> not a layover that passengers expected when a plane
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7